Wilder has been disappointed with the results of the last match.

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Chris Wilder, England manager of Middlesbrough Admittedly proud of the work of the team. Although the results of the latest match against Chelsea are not satisfactory at all.

Although faced with UFABET teams from the English Premier League, Middlesbrough. Still managed to win and qualify for the quarter-finals in the FA Cup. But this time to face Chelsea is known as the favorites of the list. It would not be an easy task at all and for 90 minutes it was. Chelsea performed a lot better and took the lead 2-0 from Romelu Lukaku and Hakim Ziyech. They just two goals were enough to help the Blues. Successfully collected the victory

Although Chris Wilder is satisfied with the performance of the team in the latest match. But the result of the match has caused some dissatisfaction with him, with Chris Wilder being interviewed. “Facing Manchester United and Tottenham is not an easy task and we have to face a strong team like Chelsea, but we deal with attacking games. of Chelsea very well, although in the end they can not resist the strength of Chelsea.”

“Obviously the result disappointed me quite a bit and getting the shot going 2-0 up put us in a more difficult situation and we let Chelsea play too easily until Two goals were conceded, although we tried to score in the second half but we failed and ended the FA Cup journey.