Where did Keno come from? how is the history

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Keno is a type of betting game that Thai gamblers may not be very familiar with in the past. But nowadays I believe that many players are starting to know and have had some experience playing it. This makes Keno a game that gets more and more attention and popularity among Thai players. Especially in the group of people who are passionate about the fun of betting numbers or online lottery. Keno is a fun game. Measure both our luck and our patience In the Keno game you have to choose the numbers you like for betting. And that makes it even more exciting and challenging because it’s our chosen number. With the simple but challenging Keno Make Keno a classic betting game that will never die.

In ancient China, many states or Chinese provinces need to collect money or raising funds for various wars and architectural construction which was originally a collection of various funds such as the taxation Maybe not the best way. It is therefore the origin of the idea of ​​collecting money through a gambling game similar to a lottery, using the name “Baige Pioa” (translating Thai as white pigeon) by means of the use of pigeons to communicate to inform the results of the lottery. or lottery results in villages farther away. It is therefore the origin of number betting games such as Lottery and Keno. Although the fundraising is successful But the game has been continued to the present.

What is Keno game? Let’s get to know each other before playing.

Before getting started in Keno betting, it is important to learn and understand before investing in order to reduce your risk and enjoy betting. It is a type of betting game that uses a random number method. Which is similar to  playing the lottery  , but in this game you can choose up to 15 numbers, so there are more chances of betting as a winning result. For a form of betting that is more than lottery betting, it gets more attention than ever. Nowadays, Keno betting is a new and more popular alternative. And nowadays, betting on numbers is getting attention because they can set their own betting patterns. Even novice gamblers can join as well. If you interested membership with us UFABET