What is fish shooting game and how to play?

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casino gambler Few people do not know “ fish shooting game ” because it is considered the most popular game after baccarat, slot machine , roulette, with the form of the game that is easy to play, not stressful, the graphics look beautiful and cute. And not boring because it’s a gamble in the form of the game itself.

Fish shooting game since before as a coin-operated game and then set up according to the casino Including game centers, which can be found online to collect credit to receive various rewards, but at present, with many restrictions in our home Make the fish shooting game cabinet start less So it started to come in the form of games on most websites UFABET.

Fish shooting games, just like normal gameplay, small fish like minions are easy to deal with, but the rewards for small fish are small. The bigger the fish, the bigger the prize money. The level of management difficulty will also increase. however There is also a special kind of fish. that when we manage to get a gun or special ammunition It is a popular game. And popular to play around the house all over the city.

Basic rules of fish shooting game that you should know

The rules of fish shooting games are not very difficult for us to understand. It’s easy to play, just use our bullets to shoot fish that swim around. Once managed, you will get a credit score from that fish. Keep collecting credits and you can withdraw the credit when you want to withdraw. However, the minimum amount to withdraw depends on the rules of each website as well.

Scoring in a fish shooting game

Shooting games, each fish has a different score. Our goal is Management of fish with ammunition according to the credit we have. The big fish have a higher score or multiplier than the small ones. But managing big fish will be more difficult. May require special ammunition from item fish.

Seeing which fish scores low Which fish has the highest score? can be observed from the “size” of the fish

As for the ammunition that we will receive is our stake, for example, if we shoot 1 baht per shot by depositing 100 baht into the game, it will shoot 100 shots. Score when shooting dead fish. It is our prize money, simply calculated as “ammunition value x points of that fish”.