Thiago admits to being jealous of Nunez in particular.

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Liverpool midfielder Thiago Alcantara has revealed that he is jealous of Uruguayan striker Darwin Nunez. After referring back to the field again on Sunday past

  Among the many positives for Liverpool during their exciting second-half recovery on Sunday, April 9, 2023, there may be one that many people may have forgotten to notice. It is the return of Thiago Alcantara that will play a key role in Jürgen Klopp ‘s efforts to salvage this disastrous season. Thiago had to watch the UFABET team from the sidelines as Liverpool’s disappointing Champions League exit to Real Madrid last month. Before their hopes of qualifying for next season’s European football could end in poor Premier League form.

Thiago admits to being jealous of Nunez in particular.

         The Spaniard has missed 10 games with a hip injury, with Jordan Henderson and Fabinho both out. After starting 10 consecutive games after the World Cup That was his longest run since arriving at Anfield in September 2020. He has returned to injury again, although he is now back in the engine room of a volatile Liverpool side this season. But he also misses Thiago’s composure and the ability to manipulate play that have characterized Thiago during a career in which he excelled for Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich and the Spanish national team. but admitted that There was one thing that he wasn’t good at.

         “When you’re in the game when you are in a race You just react,” said Thiago. “ You can’t overthink it. But running is not my thing. What I like is making the team slow or fast when we have to.” “For the best players in the world. and i can’t do it It’s about trying to score 40 goals a season. I said to Darwin (Nunez), ‘I’ve never had the feeling of kicking a ball 30 meters forward and saying, ‘I’ve never had the feeling of kicking a ball forward 30 meters in my life. I’m going to run to it.’ Sometimes I get envious of who can do that. But that’s life We always want what we don’t have.”

   “It’s a way of fooling others. “You have to look at the ball to see if it’s close enough to make a good pass. You have to look first and if you see people moving. If you see him from a distance, then you can say ‘OK, I’ll pay’ because you see him. (Teammate) You know where he is . You have to avoid putting your body or eyes where you want to pass the ball . give him or not I prefer to give the ball to the running player rather than to the player’s feet. Because running is better.