Sharp reveals Rashford should sit on the sidelines

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Former Manchester United midfielder Lee Sharpe believes Marcus Rashford can regain his form but will need to sit on the sidelines to reflect on what happened.

Marcus Rashford is one of the players to watch with his outstanding performance on the pitch. Marcus Rashford is good enough to become a world-class player if he maintains. His own standards of play have continued. But Marcus Rashford seems to be overly interested in off-field matters. Causing his on-field performance to be unsatisfactory and Marcus Rashford’s unresolved problems. After all it’s a matter of attitude that never improves.

And most recently, Marcus Rashford’s role was reduced to only a substitute with fewer playing opportunities. But it was Lee Sharp who was confident Marcus Rashford would call his form good. Returned again, but had to sit on the sidelines to reflect for himself what happened. Lee Sharpe said in an interview. Personally, I am very pleased when. I see Marcus Rashford come on the field with a good performance. Satisfied but the injury had a huge impact on him.

“And what I can feel is that Marcus Rashford is playing with no confidence at all, so Marcus Rashford should sit on the sidelines first to reflect on what’s going on. And Marcus Rashford will not have to bear the pressure as well, which I am sure Marcus Rashford will return to do great again, although it will take some time. can bring back his own good form UFABET.”