Pep reveals why he’s 10 years older after Manchester City thrash South Tigers 3-0

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has revealed why he felt he was 10 years older after City’s thrashing of Bayern Munich at United. FA Champions League last night

    Pep Guardiola feels ’emotionally devastated’ and claims he is 10 years older despite Manchester City’s 3-3thrashing of Bayern Munich. 0 Last night (Tuesday 11 April 2023), goals from Rodri, Bernardo Silva and Erling Haaland gave the Blues a huge advantage before entering the second leg. Of the quarterfinals in the UEFA Champions League, but Guardiola He also warned his UFABET team that he had not qualified for the final four teams fully. But praised the attitude of the players at the Etihad Stadium.

Pep reveals why he's 10 years older after Manchester City thrash South Tigers 3-0

          “It’s uncomfortable. “Emotionally, I feel like I’ve been destroyed,” said Guardiola. ” I’m 10 years older today. It’s a game that requires a lot of skill and effort. ” what are you doing there If you don’t play really well They can score one, two, three, I know that. Players know that. It was an unbelievable result. But we have to do our game with a big identity.”

          “We’re going there to score goals. It was an incredible result. I feel we have a chance on our pitch. We’ve created something special here this season ′ ′ It’s a tense game for 60 minutes, part of the game. they are better than us There are winning teams that are less likely than Bayern did today. I’ve been there many times. In Europe they are special. You have to do two games really well. to beat these teams Not just one game.”

   Haaland becomes a Premier League star First league to score 45 goals in a single season When he netted the third goal after a clever assist for Silva’s header, ” Bernardo is one of the best players I have ever trained in my life,” Guardiola said. added “It was very special, Erling was always a threat. In the first half he wasn’t in the game [Mattijs] De Ligt always beat him with long balls. As we started to play better he did well. He’s not just a goalscorer. But he helped us a lot too.”

         Bayern coach Thomas Tuchel Confirmed that losing by 3 goals is unfair. Despite being criticized for personal mistakes, especially centre-half Dayot Upamecano, for Silva’s goals “He will learn,” said Tuchel. “Now I try not to let the players focus on the score. Because it doesn’t tell the story of the game ′′ ′′ That’s the challenge. “ We played with personality and courage. Everyone was disappointed. It was a mixed feeling: I think the players felt it didn’t feel like 3-0. ” Elephant work that has to turn back and forth we will not give up it is also possible It won’t be over until we take a shower.”