Pep accepts Atletico Madrid as difficult opponent

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola admits Atletico Madrid are a tough opponent but is ready to beat Atletico Madrid to qualify for the next round.

Manchester City have been regarded as the number 1 favorite team in the UEFA Champions League with a very strong core. The group stage and being able to qualify for the first place in the group. The more you meet with the underdog team like Sporting Lisbon. It is Manchester City who closed the UFABET game immediately from the first match. Manchester City as the attacking side. They beat Sporting Lisbon before 5-0.

Although the second leg was only a draw. It was enough to help Manchester City progress to the next round and the quarter-finals. Manchester City will face Atletico Madrid. Which Pep Guardiola admitted that Atletico Madrid are a tough opponent. Pep Guardiola saying. Atletico Madrid face a very strong opponent in the Champions League. of the League group stage and they qualified successfully.

“Even against Manchester United, it is Atletico Madrid that have won and qualified for the quarter-finals, which shows that Atletico Madrid are a strong team and It’s definitely not an easy task for us to get a win from them plus Diego Simeone is a very busy manager and we have to be careful of Atletico Madrid’s counter-attack. good “