Nine Ka or Nine Kae card game you must know.

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We meet again in another type of card game that is known as the nine card game or the nine card game itself. There is a play style that is similar to playing poker in our house, mixed with playing card poker , a game that has been very popular because every time you play will create excitement for the players. And it’s also a game that requires psychology. Sometimes the winner may be the one who cares, but the face value of the card may not be higher or higher than the others.

How to play Kao Gae?

1. Each player places a bet , called the commission, into the pot or jackpot according to a pre-determined amount, such as 1 candy per person.

2. Shuffle the cards and deal them to the players. Each person has three cards one at a time. The deal starts from whoever is in the first turn. But the next turn will be given to the next player on the left first. keep scrolling

3. Each player looks at their hand. How many points are there How to count the points are as follows

  • Numbers will be valued according to that number except 10. JQK counts as 0 and A counts as 1 point total over ten. To cut out the tenth digit Only the digits of the unit
  • The maximum number of points is nine points, but there are also extra points that are superior, which will be discussed later.
  • The special points are as follows: Sian, Tong, and Color, in descending order. 

          – Color means all three cards in hand are cards of the same flower, above nine points.

          – Sian means three cards are cards in group JQK , the three cards are superior, nine points, colored and arranged.

          – Sort (straight) means three cards in the hand. with consecutive numbers (sorted 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A) superior to nine points

          – Tong means three cards in the hand. All three cards are the same number, superior, nine points, colors, sharps, ranks and stats (considered that three is the most valuable
            because there is a positive value of 9 , the rest are measured in order of card numbers)

          – Sort (straight flush) means three cards in hand have KQA and the same suit.

          – Master fight master Sort, fight, arrange, fight, fight, look, look at the cards with the highest value of that suit, the person with the higher score will win ( A is the highest 2 lowest, if the numbers are the same, arrange the flowers from high to low are spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs)

4. When the players look at the cards, they have the following choices (let each person choose according to the order of the cards being dealt).

    4.1 “ fold” , the cards are face down. The crouching player does not have to continue playing in this turn. But loses the commission and wager. that have been posted in the first place  

    4.2 “Fight” Only the first player who does not fold in order to choose “Fight”, place a bet on it. at least equal to the value  

    4.3 “Follow” , bet until the same as the previous one.  

    4.4 “Getup” after following can place additional bets. The next player must choose fold, follow, or getub.  

    4.5 After all players agree that the bet will not be increased To show the player who has not yet folded. The person with the highest score wins all bets on the pool.  

    4.6 If the points are equal to players with equal points only. Play the next turn using the same midfielder. until all bets have been won.  

5. Play until you are tired or bored or all bets are gone. If you interested membership with us UFABET