Mount: Chelsea are still hungry for trophies

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Chelsea midfielder Mason Mount has revealed that Chelsea are still hungry for the title after the win. Middlesbrough through to the semi-finals of the FA Cup successfully

Chelsea are still a team to watch with outstanding performances in the toughest of situations, but Chelsea continue to win streaks, giving them the chance to win two more titles now. The remainder of the list has come to fruition, with a midweek victory over Lille in the Champions League and Chelsea now face Middlesbrough in the FA Cup quarter-finals. Finally, Chelsea ended the UFABET game quickly after 30 minutes.

Chelsea scored goals from Romelu Lukaku in the 15th minute and Hakim Ziyech in the 31st minute, plus the whole game was Chelsea who performed much better and managed to win. How easy it is, which Mason Mount admits that Chelsea only want to win the title, plus the latest victory shows that everyone in the team has a strong desire for the title, with Mason Mount interviewed. “We always have a winning attitude.”

“No matter what tournament or team we want to win, we only want to win. Even though we have a difficult time, we need to focus on the next match to be ready. Always and all of us are always hungry for trophies. The more we just missed the trophy after reaching the final, the more we want the trophy, evident from the results of the last match.”