Keno game rules

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Playing Keno, a popular time-based betting game with the following easy-to-understand ways to play:

  • Keno bets have a specific duration for each round. Most lottery draws are chosen every 5 minutes per draw.
  • Selection of betting formats that are available to play in a variety of bets. which have different payout rates and should choose all numbers within the specified time
  • The result of the prize draw is a single number system drawn at random. Which has the nature of the lottery that chooses to use as many as 80 numbers and chooses correctly in many numbers.

Keno Payout Rates

As for the payout rates of online keno games, there are many different types of bets to choose from such as UFABET

  • Classic is a pattern of picking numbers from 1-15 out of a total of 80 numbers. It will randomly pick the numbers that match the numbers drawn. There is a payout rate for 5 correct numbers 2 payouts. If correct 10 numbers pay 150 times. 15 correct numbers pay 10,000
  • Big-Small (Predict Over-Low) High score is total 811-1410, Low score 210-809 payout rate 1.95 If total is 810 pays 108 times.
  • Up-Down type (predict the sum of the top rows – the bottom row) is the numbers 1-40 in the top row. While the bottom row 41-80 has a payout rate of 2.30 times. But if a tie pays 4.30 times.
  • Odds -Evens type (predict odd-even) payout rate 2.30 times. If the available points come out even or odd. But if draw pay 4.30 times.
  • Odd-Even (predict the total, odd-even) payout 1.95 times.
  • 5 Elements type (Bet on 5 elements) which is a choice of guessing which element. Which includes gold elemental value from 210-695 pays 9.20 times. Wood value from 696-763 pays 4.60 times. Water value from 764-855 pays 2.40 times.