How to play fish shooting game with fun and skill

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Fish shooting game of each web There will be a similar playing style. So we should get to know how to play the basic fish shooting game better for a better understanding.

1. How to place a bet

The first thing is to choose a playing position. Start placing bets by pressing the symbol plus and minus at the gun body Press plus equals to increase the bet. Minus equal to reduce the number of bets where the bet amount is the total amount of ammunition fired. The minimum and maximum bet amount will depend on the website that the service provider will set up

2. How to choose a gun

Mainly in the fish shooting game. There are 2 types of guns for us to choose from UFABET. That is normal ammunition guns. and electric cannon Of course, the usage patterns are definitely different. depending on the situation in the game Players can easily change guns by simply pressing the gun one time. The gun will change where ordinary guns. Will be suitable for shooting many fish because it can be shot scattered. It can shoot quickly and frequently. The electric gun is suitable for shooting a single fish because it can shoot violently. Therefore, the gun that you should use to shoot bosses is recommended as an electric gun.

3. How to shoot fish

Touch your finger on the screen where the fish you want to attack. If you want to shoot in succession, press and hold the screen.

4. Method of calculating the rate of payment

each type of fish will get different amount of credit And each fish shooting game will give different credit scores for each fish as well. Some fish give a fixed rate. Some even give random payouts. Therefore, always study the credit of each fish before entering the field. For how to calculate the credit score payout in case of killing fish. “Amount Stake x Dealable Fish Payout = Amount To Receive”

Casino fish shooting games get real money?

Before we start applying Or playing fish shooting games, friends should study the credibility of that website that has a history. actually paid No cheating? And there is no bad news in the industry? You can find reliable web reviews from various recommended websites.

From now on, there is still another very important point, which is the deposit and withdrawal system. It is a matter that should be paid attention to. Friends should keep proof of transfer every time until the credit is credited. Because if the credit hasn’t been adjusted and friends don’t have proof of transfer, it’s difficult for the web to check. because it is not that today there will be only us who transfer money

The support system requires staff to provide service at all times. to provide advice and solve problems for us quickly. Therefore, the contact phone number is important for the betting website to increase trust.