Gerard urges players not to be disappointed with the latest results

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Aston Villa manager Steven Gerard has urged his players not to be disappointed. The disappointing result in Aston Villa’s recent home defeat to Arsenal.

While Arsenal are far superior to Aston Villa and have performed exceptionally well. A trip to Aston Villa has not been an easy task for Arsenal either. Even though he got a goal to lead first from Bukayo Saka. But almost conceded a goal many times. Especially when Olly Watkins hit the post, it’s still good that Arsenal can collect 3 important points back. Got out and now still hold the 4th position of the scoreboard as before.

The latest defeat has dwarfed Aston Villa’s hopes of securing a qualification for next season’s European Cup. But Steven Gerard urged his players to move on and stop caring about the results. The latest by Steven Gerrard said: “It was a very disappointing result and we weren’t doing well enough in the first half before being shot in the lead first and in the second half. We tried really hard to get the goals back.”

“Unfortunately we were unable to achieve that but we need to move on and forget our last defeat in order to make new excuses in the next game, the important thing is that we have to believe in ourselves more. This is to do better and what we need to improve is another aggression in attack that needs to be more if we want to win UFABET.”