Conte reveals West Ham are very enthusiastic

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Tottenham Hotspur manager Antonio Conte has revealed West Ham United are one of the most enthusiastic teams and he is unsure if the midweek match will affect Wes.

After all the championship titles are exhausted. Tottenham Hotspur has to focus on the English Premier League. Because they still have the opportunity to win tickets to the UEFA Champions League to have to contend with many more. Even if the team, Tottenham Hotspur will miss a ticket to the UEFA Champions League next season. But if you win a ticket to the European Cup to be successful. It is a satisfactory result because in the season. In the past, the work of Tottenham Hotspur can be called heavy.

But facing West Ham United, who are also vying for a place in the UEFA Champions League. It is no easy task for Tottenham. Even with West Ham United just recently. Entered the field in the middle of the week. Along with Antonio Conte is still not sure if the midweek match will affect West Ham United or not. By Antonio Conte said. Right now I can’t answer much until It will only end the UFABET game because I don’t know if the midweek match affects them or not.”

“Even with West Ham United having just 120 minutes on the pitch but winning the game should give a lot of confidence to the players and I have to admit that facing West Ham United is not an easy task. Just a bit because we have the same goal, of course we only have to work hard to get 3 points.”