Conte confident Kulusevski will perform better

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Tottenham Hotspur manager Antonio Conte is confident Dejan Kulusevski will perform better with more playing time at Tottenham. Otspur

After being less given a chance to play for Juventus. very much and ready to join the team as well. But after negotiations have been completed. Arsenal made before Juve’s release of Dejan. Kulusevski joins Tottenham Hotspur on loan until the end of the season in the January transfer window.

And Dejan Kulusevski can restore his good form immediately and get the opportunity to play in the starting line continuously. Which Antonio Conte is confident that Dejan Kulusevski will do. The performance was certainly better with more playing opportunities. Antonio Conte saying. Dejan Kulusevski is just a young player has performed brilliantly. Dejan Kulusevski already has experience at the national UFABET team level.

The important thing is that Dejan Kulusevski was at Juventus before. Put him under a lot of pressure and now has dealt with the pressure he has to deal with. Which I’m sure Dejan Kulusevski Will definitely develop himself into a world-class player. Because since Dejan Kulusevski moved to Tottenham Hotspur has developed both in terms of physical condition as well. To the extent that the state of mind has risen a lot.