Arsenal 1-0 Manchester City: Issues after the Premier League game. The Gunners edged out the end of the game, slaughtering the Blues.

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Arsenal last beat Manchester City in December 2015.

Arsenal won their sixth of their first eight games. They are one of only two teams to remain unbeaten this season.

Arsenal 1-0 Manchester City: Issues after the Premier League game. The Gunners edged out the end of the game, slaughtering the Blues.

Manchester City have lost two games in a row for the first time since 2018.

Arsenal ended their eight-year run of no wins against Manchester City in the Premier League after a late goal gave them three vital points. Along with scoring points to tie the leader after 8 games

A tactical fighting game

The entire 90 minutes of this game were filled with cutting moments of the opponent. And push the game forward Or chasing each other from the top. This is a game that is ready to launch an offensive game for both sides. The thing that measures the results of this game is “The best trick” that Arsenal got today.

Looking at the statistics after the game, the most basic play of the game is “passing the ball”. Today the ball was passed together 1,021 times (500: 521). The same accuracy at 86%, plus the ball possession was very tight (49: 51) But what is different about the offensive game is who is able to create more chances. And can they finish the score?

A different attacking game for the Sailboats.

Statistics after the game ended: Manchester City had only 4 shots and it was the only time on target in this game. This is certainly below par for Pep Guardiola’s side, with the absence of a key heart in midfield causing the team to be inconsistent in controlling the tempo. and the compression of space by Arsenal’s midfield that disrupted the rhythm. Including the artillery support line today Even though I’m in trouble There is some uncertainty in releasing the ball. Especially David Raya’s moment that almost missed. and made mistakes in the ยูฟ่าเบท game, but in the end, City were unable to seize those moments to be dangerous enough. It was one game where Erling Haaland didn’t have a dangerous moment in this game.

Absence – return and replenishment of players from both teams

In this game, Arsenal did not have the name of Bukayo Saka, who was injured and did not return in time. While getting Gabriel Martinelli and Thomas Patey back on the field.

“STAR BOY” Saka has never been absent from the team for a long time and Gabriel Jesus is the person who has come to take on work in this area. And is one person who creates the offensive rhythm of the team. Including the 4 reserves of the Gunners who were involved in getting a single goal in this game. Maybe not the day they played the best. But that one moment was enough to have an impact on this game.

As for Manchester City, the absence of Kevin De Bruyne, who is staying for a long time, is one of the lack of decisiveness in the final ball-playing area. But it’s still not as serious as the lack of someone to direct the rhythm in the midfield area like Rodri, who was banned for this game, although Rico Lewis, the rising star who got the chance to come in, will do his job well. But unable to create space for the offensive game Continuously put pressure on the Arsenal defense or choosing Bernardo Silva to play in the central area. Even though he picked up a lot of balls But it makes the offensive game lack a lot of danger. When he was not in danger

William Saliba and Declan Rice

If David Raya was the uncertainty for Arsenal’s defense today with a few missteps on the ball, Saliba was the stability in defense that caught the first moment. and read the second ball excellently and make this game Manchester City’s attacking game has reduced the danger quite a bit, especially Haaland. Today, the Blues There are no two key players to build the offensive game. The more the football lacks quality, while Declan Rice and the investment of 105 million pounds, even though only 8 games have passed, the answer is clear that Rice is the right investment. Arsenal has a top quality player. In defensive work that can carry the ball to the attackers in a very systematic way.