Recent revelations of how HCG injections help in weight loss

With a fast track lifestyle, individuals have been falling prey to overweight issues more in present times. Most of them owing to time constraints, individual do not indulge in exercising and also eat unguarded loads of unhealthy food stuff. This can naturally add pounds to your frame. All that you eat gets converted into fat and then you have to face issues like obesity. You can now find an answer to solve your weight issues with hcg diet injections.

HCG injections play a wonderful role as part of diet plan. Individuals facing overweight take up to this HCG diet injections as a diet plan, often prescribed as three or six week program. These injections are administrated in muscles in the buttock, thigh and rear part of the upper arm or just under the skin.
Prior to resorting to HCG diet shots you should consult a physician who will advise you to undergo blood tests and have general health assessment done. If you are allowed by your physician to self-inject, you will have to adhere to specific processes of sterilization. This is how you can avoid immense discomfort and infection.
Weight loss on administration of HCG shots shows that weight loss occurs because this hormone helps in directly attacking the adipose fat tissue by not depriving the body of the much required muscle, minerals, vitamins that are essential to uphold good health. The above function is carried out alongside with the release of too much of fat stored nutrients into the blood stream which is then absorbed by the body.
Those on HCG diet injections report experiencing a feeling of good health, and this makes them happy as they now can skip to face any overweight health risk. HCG injections aid to lose your physical weight and at the same time helps to bring about a modified eating behaviour. This further helps in developing a healthy relationship between you and your food. Of course, getting a dose of HCG diet shots to lose weight is not enough, you have strictly to follow HCG diet menu plan too. To get to know more info on diet menus that encourage eating organic foodstuffs, and where you can shop for these organic foodstuffs, you can visit the internet sites that have a lot to impart about HCG.

How HCG Drops once saved the whole world…

Many people nowadays have been struggling to lose weight even after following many methods like Yoga, Aerobics, Liposuction, weight loss supplements, shakes and many more. People are not satisfied with the outcome after putting in a lot of efforts and having invested a lot of money and repeatedly failing in every endeavor towards weight loss, people give up.

HCG drops were discovered by a British endocrinologist Dr. Albert T.W. Simeons in 1930 and it has been effective ever since then. HCG hormone is also naturally produced in the human body. He found out that the HCG hormone breaks down the adipose tissue while generating the fuel and at the same time protecting the muscle tissue. You can burn fat, build muscle and also increase the metabolic rate. It is absolutely safe for all genders.

Usually the HCG drops must be combined with a diet that consists of foods rich in protein, low in natural carbohydrates, free of sugar and starches. There is no prescription required. HCG Diet drops have been proven to increase your energy levels. Slimlife HCG drops diet is more advanced than other weight loss methods because it improved the metabolism and reduces the feeling of hunger during the regimen. These drops metabolize the unused fat while preserving the lean muscle mass. Doctors usually follow Dr. Simeon’s protocol to achieve weight loss using HCG Drops and the protocol is as follows:

Phase 1 – The loading phase – In this phase the HCG drops are to be taken as instructed by the doctor. During this phase you need not follow a strict diet.

Phase 2 – The low calorie diet – In this phase you’ll experience rapid weight loss. You are only supposed to consume up to 800 calories depending upon the amount of fat you’re willing to lose.
Phase 3 – The Diet Break – In this phase, the amount of calories you consume is increased from 800 to 1000-1500 calories. Generally once you reach this phase you will see a drastic change in your weight and if you are not satisfied with the amount of weight you’ve lost then you can repeat phase 2 and 3 consecutively.

Phase 4 – Transition and Maintenance – This is the final phase and also this is where you have to analyze how much calories you have to consume every day to maintain a consistent weight.
Following this protocol can bring very effective results. Buy HCG and become slim.

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