Best leafy green juicer if you are trying vegetable diet

Obesity is the biggest concern of our times. We are constantly looking for way to eat in way that will fill our stomachs but won’t make us gain weight. This is the probably the most sought after topic. More and more we are learning the benefits of the green vegetables. First, we thought it was best to eat them but now we know that it is best to juice them. Juicing them is best because it retains nutrients and you get the whole of it. Nothing is lost. For best juice of green vegetables, you need the best greens juicer!

If you are thinking that a vegetable juicer is like any other juicer then you are wrong. Your vegetable juicer may be used as chopper, fruit juicer or anything else but other juicer cannot be used for juicing greens. This is because special machinery is required for green juicing. You cannot apply too much power or centrifugal technology because that can lead to the loss of nutrients. When the nutrients are lost, the juice is good for nothing! Buy only the best juicer for your leafy greens; this may cost a bit but you will have a juicer for lifetime!

If you go to the market or you go online for market survey you will find both manual and electronic options. There are awesome options in manual machines as well. Nutrients remain completely intact when you are using the manual machine, as the power of the machine is low. You are slowly crushing the greens and that makes sure that the nutrients are intact. There is no heat in this case as well which means no oxidation. This means your juice will be good for long. If you are looking for the best juicer for greens you can search online! You will your best way to have a nice and healthy lifestyle!

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